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La Pivotte
Tel. : +33 (0)4 50 84 55 25
La Biskatcha
Tel. : +33 (0)4 50 84 55 35
La Piste noire
Tel. : +33 (0)4 50 84 55 20
High-altitude restaurant
La Païka
Tel. : +33 (04 50 92 85 22
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Discover the restaurant La Biskatcha 

Nestling in the heart of the mountains of Les Gets, La Biskatcha restaurant stands out as a real gastronomic nugget. As you step through its doors, you are immediately transported into a world where passion for cuisine and excellence in service are the order of the day. Every dish served is the result of a meticulous search for the finest ingredients, combined with a perfect mastery of culinary techniques.
La Biskatcha offers a variety of dishes to suit all palates:
  • Varied menus: Whether you're tempted by a tasting menu or prefer to compose your meal à la carte, La Biskatcha offers a range of dishes that will delight gourmets.
  • Private areas: For special occasions or corporate events, the restaurant offers the option of reserving a dedicated area or taking the whole place private for a tailor-made experience.
  • L'Anka tapas bar: Before you sit down to dinner, treat yourself to an aperitif at the L'Anka tapas bar. A selection of tasty morsels awaits you, ideal for tantalising your taste buds before your main meal.
  • Flexible opening hours: Open every lunchtime and at weekends, the restaurant adapts to your schedule to offer you a gourmet break whenever you like.


The warm atmosphere of La Biskatcha 

In the heart of Les Gets, La Biskatcha stands out not only for its exquisite cuisine, but also for its unique atmosphere. As soon as you cross the threshold, a warm atmosphere envelops you, evoking memories of family meals in a mountain home. The subdued lighting, wooden furniture and carefully chosen decorative touches create a setting that is both elegant and welcoming.
When you choose La Biskatcha, you choose:
  • Warm welcome: Our dedicated team is always ready to greet you with a smile, ensuring that every customer feels special and valued.
  • Cosy setting: The interior layout, blending modernity with rustic touches, provides a space where you can relax, chat and enjoy every bite.
  • Attention to detail: From the presentation of the dishes to the music selection and the choice of tablecloths, nothing is left to chance to ensure a perfect experience.
  • A variety of spaces: Whether you prefer to dine on the terrace and enjoy the view or sit by the fireplace on cooler evenings, Biskatcha offers a variety of spaces to suit your tastes.
  • Special events: With themed evenings and regular events, there's always something new to discover, reinforcing the sense of community among guests.

La Biskatcha's Savoyard specialities 

Nestling in the charming village of Les Gets, La Biskatcha is a veritable institution for lovers of Savoyard cuisine. The establishment stands out for its commitment to perpetuating and celebrating the region's rich culinary tradition. Each dish, prepared with love and expertise, is a true immersion in Savoyard history and culture.
When you choose La Biskatcha, you treat yourself to :
  • Authentic dishes: Recipes handed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing unrivalled authenticity and flavour.
  • Savoyard culinary tradition: Carefully selected local ingredients that reflect the richness and diversity of the region.
  • Unique gastronomic experience: A perfect fusion of modern culinary techniques and ancestral traditions for a memorable taste experience.
  • Varied menu: From Savoyard fondues to tartiflettes and lesser-known but equally delicious dishes, there's something for everyone.
  • Food and wine pairings: A carefully chosen selection of regional wines to enhance each dish.
But La Biskatcha doesn't just serve delicious food. It's a place where every meal tells a story, where every mouthful is a discovery.

Offers & News
Spa Evenings, just for you!
Spa Evenings, just for you!
From Jan 29, 2024 to Apr 8, 2024
Discover our 3 offers:

*Relaxation Offer : Pool & Spa access (shared access) from 8.30pm to 10pm €35/person (from 2 to 6 people) Towel provided

*Exceptional Relaxation Offer: Access to the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and hammam, from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm or from 9.45 pm to 11.15 pm 50€/person (from 2 to 6 people) Towel and bathrobe provided.

*Luxury Relaxation Offer: Access to the swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room with a glass of champagne! From 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm and from 9:45 pm to 11:15 pm, €55/person (2 to 6 people) Towel and bathrobe provided.

Book directly by phone on 06 20 50 38 54 !
Tasting of cheese specialities
Tasting of cheese specialities
From Jan 11, 2024 to Apr 30, 2024
Every Thursday, join us outside the hotel for a tasting of Savoyard products and cheeses from 5.30pm to 6.30pm, accompanied by our accordionist Emilie!

Then join us from 7pm to continue the evening in our restaurant La Pivotte for a wild evening with our accordionist Emilie, and all our team! On the programme: cheese, music, song, laughter and sharing! 

Book your evening now by calling 04 50 75 80 33 or 04 50 84 55 25!
Live concerts 2024
Live concerts 2024
From Jan 11, 2024 to Apr 30, 2024
Throughout the winter of 2024, live concerts and DJ sets will be scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays in our new tapas bar, SEMBA.

For more information, please contact the hotel reception on 04 50 75 80 33.